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Latitude Pen FAQ

Roger Luallen

Our pens are created to last a lifetime.

Our Guarantee

We have a lifetime manufacturing guarantee for every pen we make.

If your pen has a manufacturing problem, we will try our best to fix it. If we can't fix it, we will replace it with the closest to your original fountain pen we can make.

Our Nibs

We use Bock nibs for their superior quality. If you want a special nib for your pen, it may take a little more time to get, but if we can get it, we will. Special nibs may cost more.

We do not offer custom grinds currently. We hope to offer them in the future.

All steel nibs are hand tuned for optimal writing.

When you receive your fountain pen, you may notice a small amount of ink on the nib. That's because we check every pen before it leaves us and tune it if needed.

We want your pen to write smoothly and beautifully from the start.

Who makes your pens?

We make our pens!

All of our fountain pens are made 100% by us in our workshop in North Georgia. The only part we purchase is the Bock fountain pen nib and feed.

We pour the resin for each pen individually in very small batches of 5-8 pens. All of the precious resin colors are hand mixed by artist Jennifer Branch. While we will use the same pigments again and again, each color is hand mixed for that batch and that batch only, with no exact measurements, just an artist's eyes. That way, each pen is completely unique.

pen blanks

Blue Seas Hand Poured Pen Blanks
Notice how every blank in the same color batch is different!

Each pen is hand turned by Roger to precise measurements in his unique pen designs.

All grip sections are made individually by Roger and fitted to Bock nibs.

All pens are hand polished to a mirror finish.

All pen clips and stops are hand made and forged like fine jewelery by Jennifer. She saws out each clip, solders if needed, heats it in the forge and bends it to shape in several steps. She then hand files and polishes each clip.

Every pen is truely hand made and one of a kind.

Latitude Pens fountain pen

Our Materials

We have some fun with our materials! We try to use gorgeous materials that feel good to write with.

We use precious resin and many pigments and additives. We've come up with some interesting mixes to increase the pen's strength, change the feel of the pen in your hand and make the colors gorgeous.

All pigments we use are chosen for their stability as well as their color. We use a lot of facinating pigments, which sometimes we'll tell you about in the pen's description.

For example, we use spinel to make our piano black pen. Spinel is a precious gemstone that has even been used in crown jewels (Black Prince's Ruby in the British Crown Jewels)! It absorbs all but 1.5% of available light, making an intense, rich black that's also very strong.

Our pen clips and grips are made by hand. We pick interesting materials here, too!

We love using titanium, for its space age strength and metallic gray finish.

We also love natural brass and its patina that slowly develops over time. You can keep it polished and sparkling with a quick rub with a cloth or let the natural patina develop.

We've been known to use nickel silver and ebonite, as well. We're always trying out new materials and finishes.

Latitude Pens fountain pen

Our Comfort Grips

We individually mix our precious resin grips to make them heavier and more dense than the pen body. This helps the pen balance beautifully in your hand.

Our resin grips are specially mixed to make them hygroscopic, absorbing the moisture from your hand as you write. We give the grips a dull finish that is pleasant to hold, versus the glossy finish on the pen body and cap.

Triple Lead Threads

All of our pens are made with triple lead threads between the cap and body of the pen. Triple lead threads have 3 places they enter the threads, so it's essentially 3 sets of threads layered on each other. That means the threads feel very unobtrusive against your hand, but hold tight.

You don't have to keep turning the cap, most caps take 1 1/2 turns to be firmly on.

Each pen is designed to match the cap and body design up perfectly, if you happen to like that sort of thing. (We do!)

green fountain pen

Do you make custom fountain pens?

It depends.

We love tailoring pens to an individual client. We get the nib you want, in the size you want from extra fine to broad. If you want to change the grip from one type to another, we would be happy to do that! For instance, if the grip is turquoise precious resin and you want nickel silver or ebonite, we'd love to do that as long as the nib size (#5 or #6 Bock) and the design (threads on grip or on body) are the same on both. All you have to do is ask and usually the price is the same. So if you want black instead of green, just say!

We drill and epoxy our clips in, so we can't change those on an individual pen. They are put in to stay forever.

If you want a pen body and cap color that's different from what is offered, sometimes we can do it. We'll only work with pigments that last and work well with our other materials. No two of our pens are alike so it is impossible to do perfectly matching sets. Coordinating sets we can work with!

If you want a completely different pen, we're not set up to do that right now. Fountain pens require precise measurements and each new model design takes a lot of time consuming prototypes to perfect.

We want you to enjoy a lifetime of writing with our pen.