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Olive Tree Fountain Pen

Olive Tree Fountain Pen

The olive tree is a potent symbol of peace and hope for the future. Olive trees live for hundreds, even thousands of year, becoming more productive as time passes.
This olive tree fountain pen is poured in long sweeps of gray brown trunk and warm green leaves. The sterling silver olive leaf clip is hand forged. The technique used of reticulated silver is one very few jewelry artists do today. It involves heating a piece of sterling silver (the only medium it can be done in) until the components separate. Part of the silver flows, creating the leaf texture, while the rest stays cooler. The result is an unique texture resembling a leaf.

Pen Model Art

Grip is Green Comfort Resin

Hand Forged Sterling Silver Olive Leaf Clip

Made from Hand Mixed Vibrant Resin

The triple threaded cap takes 1.5 turns to open or close. Triple threading means the pattern of the pen will line up correctly, if you want it to. Our fountain pens are made from a single piece of hand poured resin. Care is always taken to keep the body and cap in continuous orientation. Each pen is unique since each is made one at a time.

This fountain pen comes with a #6 Bock steel nib, in your choice of nib width from extra fine to broad. If you would like another #6 Bock nib, please ask. Other choices, such as gold-plated, bicolor gold plated, gold and titanium nibs are available, but may need more time and may have an additional charge (gold and titanium).

This fountain pen filling mechanism is Cartridge / Converter.

$ 330

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